Stick’N Charge Leads the Green Movement in Renewable Energy

k3 op

“The Renewable Energy Revolution” has started and K3OPS leads the Green movement that is rising around the world. Co-Founded by WEI Xin and Alexandre Despallieres, the company overcomes any challenge in RF energy harvesting to offer a stable and efficient RF/DC conversion. The technology behind permits a two-state quantum-mechanical communication between the nodes to dispatch information and energy via intelligent microcontroller, reunite in a simple product that offers an endless supply of green energy that is free, meaning no cost at all, that last forever, that require no maintenance and no replacement parts.

K3OPS system separates data transmission ‘the digital’ from the source that is analog. A technology considered by the press as “A Giant Leap for Mankind” since it delivers green new source of energy to power supply or to charge any kind of smartphone and connected devices. They recently decided to collaborate with YUAN Jun for Home Automation and will manufacture from their factories in France. YUANJUN CORP is the holding that will be in charge of R&D. So very soon, we will see more and more products that will require no more cable and battery-less.

Xin Wei commented recently to the press, “We have been approached by several brands. It was a question of finding the right partnership for a long term commitment. By definition, a smartphone needs to be “smart” and it has been some time since the mobile phone market has made ground breaking advancements in battery technology. Cell phones are increasing in size. They have become as fast and powerful as personal computers. However, there has been little change in features. Nicer cameras, enhanced screens, vivid colors, more memory and added applications are now offered, but the customer is demanding more and rightfully so. Since the 2007 Apple revolution, companies have not advanced smartphone battery technology to the extent the customer requires.”

YUAN JUN Added “I am proud to be part of this revolution and to contribute as much as I can to make this world safer. The collaboration between our companies is more than a simple venture, it is about China and French, working together in one direction with a real and strong meaning. This opportunity give me the satisfaction to achieve something important for the humanity.”

The new Stick’N Charge features a micro USB, a lightning connector and specific NFC protocols to power supply any wireless inductive charging dock, or to beam directly the energy derives from ambient radio frequencies signals converted into DC contactless. Whether you’re at home, in the streets, at Starbucks, at the office, the harvester provides a sufficient level of energy to charge any cellphone or to power source every connected devices, without any interference with the signal from any devices. You will never have to charge your smartphone anymore, never run out of power or even to seek an outlet.

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