As the buzz continues today about Vice President Joe Biden getting into the presidential race, I think two new polls out make that possibility slimmer because they don’t bode well for Joe:

First — the NBC news Wall Street Journal one — says only 30 percent of Democrats want to see Biden run compared to 38 percent who want him to stay out.

And the Washington Post and ABC News poll showing front-runner Hillary Clinton continuing to gain steam — jumping 12 points from just last month with Biden down 5 points from the same time frame.

Aside from the polls, and how Hillary Clinton fares when she testified before the Benghazi Select Committee Thursday — there’s one other other timing issue to pay close attention to in the Biden watch — and that’s the filing deadlines to be on the ballot in key primary states.

Biden has only 33 days from today to make it on the New Hampshire ticket — with the filing period for candidates there closing November 20th at 5pm. So do you think he will get in?

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